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Welcome to PROXIMA COMMAND, the immersive videogame simulator where you and your friends can actually step onto a real-life -bridge, take your stations and run a Starship!

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Each bridge is crewed by 5 officers that have become the trademark for spaceship bridge simulators.

As the HELMSMEN you take control of the helm and race through space at impulse or hyper-light speed.

As the WEAPONS officer you prepare for battle by charging your phasers and loading your photon-torpedoes.

As the ENGINEER you monitor the condition of the ship as you generate and distribute power to the systems.

As the SCIENCE officer you can raise shields and scan the enemy ship, providing critical information that will give you the advantage.

Or, if you think you have the right stuff, sit in the CAPTAIN‘s chair and take command when you go Ship-2-Ship against the other team.

But this is just the beginning! Follow us as we continually improve this unique video-game experience and standby as we come to a North American city near you.