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Exclusive territorial rights

You would be our only partner in your sales area.

Sci-fi immersion

We love creating so much that we’ve made a universe of stories, characters, spaceships and aliens for your customer to enjoy.

Fusion of escape room,
starship simulator, and group video game

We’re not only an escape room. Proxima Command offers something a little different to your current stable of rooms.

Ideal for corporate team building

Build your team’s morale with a unique out-of-workplace immersive experience. Teams that play together are more productive.

Great Google Reviews

4.9 on Google
Here are a couple of examples:

This place is an absolute blast! The bridge feels very immersive and all the software runs smoothly. The experience is designed in a way that every crew member has an important task. Good teamwork and communication skills are essential. Would definitely do this again some time.

Lukas Steipe

This was such a fun experience! I went with a group of 7, only knowing one person, and by the end of it we were all howling laughing and having a blast. Great team building experience and just plain old fun! If you like science fiction – you’ll LOVE this. Even if you don’t like Sci-Fi, you’ll still have a good time. Don’t be intimidated by the commands – you swiftly learn it and the complexity makes it so much more immersive. I can’t wait to go again!

Julie Ford (Local Guide)

Proxima Command:
your long-term business partner

We value long-term business partnerships. Proxima Command’s
goal is to help you grow your business with our revolutionary escape room software. We offer full support in our licensing package.

A room that actually refreshes itself!

In addition to 6 unique scenarios, we are committed to constantly developing new features and episodes so that your customers always have a compelling reason to return.

Reliable Fully Tested Software

Designed and tested over 5 years with real customers.

Included in the software licensing package:

  • Introductory episode and Command Challenge scenarios
  • Full software support
  • Host training
  • Tablet holders
  • Sales support and marketing: videos, brochures
  • Suggested room plans

Equipment leasing available (lease to own) Software licensing package

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Designed and tested over 5 years with real customers.

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your exclusive territorial advantage.
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