Press Release

Toronto, Ontario
April 2018

Proxima Command – The Real Starship Simulator

Proxima Command is a new, immersive game experience for teams of 5-7 players. The action takes place aboard a fully-realized starship bridge, complete with over 20 networked tablets and a 65 inch main view screen.

Players work together to control helm, weapons, engineering, science, communications, auxiliary stations and of course one will take the captain’s chair to complete the mission.

Debut Episode – Escape to Proxima Command

Hydraulic doors hiss open as your team enters the dimly lit bridge of a starship. As your eyes adjust, you make out banks of digital displays and on the main screen the ominous forms of hurtling asteroids.

As you assume your stations the onboard AI is alerted to your presence and offers advice for survival.

You and your friends have entered the universe of Proxima Command!

In our Debut Episode you have 50 minutes to learn the starship systems and complete the mission objectives.

The Co-Creators

Proxima Command is the result of years of work on the part of Michael Chapman and Bob Papadopoulos, friends and life-long sci-fi enthusiasts. The set they have created is a 10ft. X 14ft. X 8ft. custom built structure. It includes over 1.5 tonnes of wood, plastic, metal, and digital equipment. Lighting and sound effects with working hydraulic doors complete the immersive experience. The software has been developed by Glen Watkinson of Stratum Games.

“We are thrilled to offer you this unique experience like no other!” – Michael Chapman

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