Customer reviews of Proxima Command (from Google Reviews)

I really enjoyed the experience, more so than any escape room I’ve tried before. The production quality and tech feels like something from Disney or Universal Studios – it made us all so excited! I went with some coworkers and it was definitely a great team-building exercise as well.

This is a “stellar” version of an escape room that is highly interactive.

Great place to go with a group of friends, really appreciated the production value of everything. Works well with groups of 5 to 7 people, we all had a blast yelling about asteroids and such.

This was a crazy experience. My friends and I do a lot of escape rooms which is what brought us here, but this was an experience like no other. It’s essentially a spaceship simulator. It’s great because every single person has a role in the game, so no one gets left out. This also means it requires a lot of teamwork and communication, which a lot of escape rooms tend to lack. It’s immersive and thrilling. It is literally like being aboard the USS Enterprise. The guys that work there are also really great. I will definitely be back, and am excited to discover what they come up with next!

Amazing fun! Can’t wait to go back!

This was an amazing experience! The simulations were spot on and I could not imagine any better comparison for being on the bridge of a starship. Video quality is amazing and the entire simulation seem so real. Had an awesome time, thanks!

The most surprising experience I’ve had. Amazing team activity and super fun. Will be going again.

Super awesome fun!! An amazing amount of work has gone into set and game, and it really pays off. We all had an awesome time, thank you!!

Awesome experience which is really a great entertainment value when split up as a group! I’ve been a few times and will return again. The recent new additions are a nice touch.

This place is an absolute blast! The bridge feels very immersive and al the software runs smoothly. The experience is designed in a way that every crew member has an important task. Good teamwork and communication skills are essential. Would definitely do this again some time.

An experience like no other. Part star ship simulation, part escape room, and all fun. What they’ve put together at Proxima Command is unique, ambitious, and clearly made from passion and technical know-how. They have a vision of creating the experience of fully functional bridge of a star ship, and they’ve come as close as practically possible. They’ve struck the right balance of being realistic enough to be immersive and challenging, but straight forward enough that it keeps the game flow fun and engaging. Overall, I would highly recommend this experience. Can’t wait to go back!

Really cool concept! I’ve seen it described as an escape room in media, but that doesn’t quite reflect the nature of the game. It’s more of a spaceship command simulator. Very unique, very interactive, and an amazing group experience! Highly recommended. It’s got great potential for growth too…excited to see where this goes!

We recently went to Proxima Command for a birthday celebration and everyone had an amazing experience. We are a group that does a lot of these puzzle experiences we went in with pretty high expectations, which can sometimes be dangerous. However, Proxima Command was even better than we anticipated, and we can’t wait to come back for our next adventure.

A unique experience. I’ve never seen anything like this anywhere else. Took a bit of getting used to, but once our “crew” became more adept, we had a clast! From young to old – 13 to 76 years old. Great multi-generational family bonding experience!

Proxima Command was a fantastic experience! I went into this not expecting a whole lot but I was blown away by how immersive and fun it was! It really was as close as you can get to being in a star trek simulation. Team work and strategy became super important, everyone had an important part to play. The guys running Proxima Command are clearly passionate about science fiction and creating a fun, authentic experience and I think they have nailed it! I’m very excited for the next episode to come out soon. Please support these guys, you’ll have a great time!

AMAZING experience – CRAZY GOOD fun!! We had a group of 5 and had a blast. This was WAY more immersive than any other escape room. And while it’s sort of categorized as an escape room, I really feel it’s a totally different thing altogether. It’s like living inside your very own Starfleet adventure. The room is gorgeous and just about as authentic as ai can imagine. You each pick a command role and get a few minutes to orient yourself to the ship and Its controls – then the adventure begins! It was such a blast how all of us just sort of naturally began working together, helping each other out when there were elements that weren’t easily solved. And I thought it was so much fun how we all started giving and responding to command using Star Trek jargon – it was great!! We can’t wait for the next episode to come out so we can go back again!

My friends and I are kind of escape room enthusiasts and are always out looking for new challenges. When we heard about Proxima Command we knew we had to try it – but we were a bit unsure of what to expect as it wasn’t a classic escape room. It’s a starship simulator – but it has the same elements of an escape room – being thrust into an unknown situation, figuring out how to solve the problems and working as a team. There were seven of us but I think five people might be enough, as two of the posts were a bit less challenging than the others. After we successfully completed the mission (using the powers of teamwork and torpedoes) we had enough time left that they let us trade positions, giving people a chance at a different role. It was very much appreciated and increases the replay value if you wanted to come back with other friends.

We have done a lot of escape rooms but a month later Proxima Command is the one we’re still talking about and recommending to friends. It’s just a lot of fun. It really feels like you’re on a starship. Just go do it already! We can’t wait for the next ‘episode’!

This was seriously one of the most fun things I’ve done in a long while. It took us a little while to figure stuff out (which was all part of the fun), but once we did all of our geek dreams of un-ironically someone to raise shields, bring the warp engine online and PUNCH IT came true. Slick, well designed and surprisingly immersive we all had a blast.

Proxima Command was fantastic! Like being on a Starship bridge and living a sci-fi episode. Each position was unique and interesting. An escape room you can actually go back and play again and again!

Holy cow, that was awesome.

So my husband and I have been here twice now, and what a treat! This is a must experience for any Sci Fi fans – especially Trekkies. It really does feel like you’re piloting a real-life starship, smoke-inducing malfunctions, klaxon alarms, sassy computer AI, and all! I have nothing negative to say, and it’s very obvious the Proxima Command team have put a lot of passion into the project. Can’t wait for some more new episodes!

The command center these guys have set up is really cool, definitely higher quality than anything you’ll find in a typical escape room. The gameplay has a nice balance of puzzle and action

This was such a fun experience! I went with a group of 7, only knowing one person, and by the end of it we were all howling laughing a having a blast. Great team building experience and just plain old fun! If you like science fiction – you’ll LOVE this. Even if you don’t like Sci-Fi, you’ll still have a good time. Don’t be intimidated by the command – you swiftly learn it and the complexity makes it so much more immersive. I can’t wait to go again!