Proxima Command has a bit of a branding problem. A Star Trek simulator in all but name, its creators have instead opted to advertise it as an “escape room spaceship.” From a certain perspective, this makes sense. Escape rooms are popular and understood by the public, and Proxima Command at least superficially resembles the experience: it’s an immersive, interactive group activity, one that requires you to work together to solve problems and get out of tricky situations (relatively) unscathed. Anyway, it’s only logical to compete in that market, rather than trying to sell people on “Star Trek but it’s not Star Trek and we swear it’s not as nerdy as it sounds.”

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“The room has been put together seamlessly…This was one of the most immersive experience in which ERA (Escape Room Addicts) has taken part… The main puzzle of Proxima Command is figuring out how everything works and how to work together with your crew… I recommend this room for anyone that…always wanted to captain a starship.”

– Escape Rooms Addicts 8.1/10

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