Four Great Reasons why you should return to Proxima Command

1) You need a NEW adventure
Still, feeling cooped up? Missing your friends? Think back to your first experience…

You were caught in hostile territory as the crew of the Star Ship Odysseus. With your valor, you escaped the prison of a secret Alphian base. You destroyed the base and took control of your ship. Each one of you, in the midst of danger, re-familiarized yourself with your own stations and figured out how to operate the complex starship bridge systems (with a little help from VoxAI, of course). Congratulations, you finally escaped to Proxima Command!

Nothing brings you together better than collaborating with each other during starship combat.

2) A NEW mission is awaiting you
The miners on the Tvastar colony need your help…

A deadly virus is spreading throughout the Outer Rim. Dr. Tar Penu had been dispatched with an antidote on the SS Jengu, but he has disappeared. Contact with the Jengu was lost on route.

Because of your documented skill in evading the attackers in your first mission, we need you again.

Your mission is to investigate their last known location, rescue any survivors, retrieve the antidote and bring it to the mining colony before any more lives are lost.
You will once again climb aboard the SS Odysseus and take your place at one of seven stations: Captain, Helm, Science, Weapons, Engineer, Communications, or Auxiliary. Now that you and your crew are experienced with operating the ship efficiently, will you be ready to take on this exciting and challenging new mission?

Be prepared to encounter dangerous new threats and to explore new locations. Navigate your way through an abandoned giant maze-like starship. Make your way across the dangerous Alphian Border. Track down and destroy your enemies before the entire colony is infected.

3) NEW – capture your moments
Want to show off your rankings to your friends and family? See how you stack up against the
other Proxima Commanders? Did you just spend one of the best days ever with your friends at
Proxima Command, where an hour at the controls felt like five minutes? Do you find
yourself wishing that you could capture something of those magical moments?

We hear you loud and clear, Commander.

Proxima Command now offers you the option to live-stream your adventure on Twitch and
obtain an edited version of that stream for your digital scrapbook. Those moments of
laughter and togetherness are now a click away – at no additional charge.
And don’t forget to have your team’s picture taken at the end of your adventure – it’s our way of saying, ‘Thanks, Commander, for a job well done.’

4) Receive a 15% discount for your return visit – RETURN15

Come and explore the Centauria Sector and use the booking code RETURN15 and get a 15% discount.

See you on the bridge, Commanders! Departure is imminent.